About Us

Ethel Cosmetics sells natural cosmetics from Bulgaria since 2007. Our assortment ranges from hand creams, shampoos and body care products to skin-friendly make-up. Thus, you are sure to find what you are searching for at Ethel Cosmetics.

From Bulgaria with Love

Natural cosmetics are not inferior to their chemical, synthetic counterparts. By using natural cosmetics, you are not only benefiting your body but doing something good for the environment too! The products that we have curated are free from harmful chemical cocktails and contain high-quality organic oils and raw plant materials that are largely organically grown. 

Only the real deal - No compromise! 

Shopping at Ethel Cosmetics is easy and simple

Forget long queues and shopping carts! Simply browse our online catalog, select your favorite item, choose a convenient payment method such as Credit Card or PayPal, and we will handle the rest. Our friendly and competent Customer Care Team is happy to assist with any inquiries you may have. 

Additionally, you can always visit us in our location in Toronto!